A highly structured,
multi-sensory Reading manual
for teachers and parents

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Toe By Toe

“My son – now 13-years old – was tested by an Oxford professor 6 years ago for dyslexia. She recommended Toe By Toe and it saved my son’s education. The outcome is out of this world. My son now tops his set for English and I still cannot quite believe it. His primary school me told he would struggle just to keep up with the bottom percentage of children. If you have a gut feeling that your child is failing through the education system. That the teaching is not helping, then please buy Toe By Toe. My son is now a ‘Level 7’ student. I put it all down to this book.”
Mrs V Tagg, parent of a dyslexic child

“Before Toe By Toe, I was living in a deep dark hole. Everyone else understood things and I didn’t. When I was given the book, I felt a rope ladder had been thrown down to me. It didn’t have any rungs… I had to build them myself and that has taken time. Now I feel I’m near the top and I can see daylight. I feel sorry for anyone stuck at the bottom.”

Edward Charlton (aged 10), Nantwich, Cheshire



Keda Cowling


A highly structured
multi-sensory reading manual
for teachers and parents

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